Friday the 13th: Scary Movies or Kitten Videos?

The geekout-let

Ah, Friday the 13th. A day of superstitions. A day of bad luck. A day to blame all your woes on. And, of course, a day to watch scary movies.

I was going to do an entire blog post about all that surrounds this unluckiest of days, but isn’t every news network, blogger, FB page, and Twitter account already doing that?

Instead, I would like to just give you a list of some of my favorite scary movies – in case you feel like curling up under the blankets and enjoying a bowl of popcorn.

The first is a classic (well, all 3 are classics): Pumpkinhead. Just from the image below, you know it’s pretty freaky. Real brief synopsis:

“A bereaved farmer enlists the aid of a terrifying demon to help avenge his son’s death in this stylish horror movie that contains a strong moral. It all…

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